Fall of Vrazuk

Departing Brookbarrow

As the adventurers left town and the townsfolk wished them well on their journey, a teenager approached them beaming with pride. He told them of how he would be honored to compete with them in the tournament in Shadowmeade, and he was excited to bring honor to his late father’s longsword. Sindri began discussing the asked what his training was in. The group quickly realized that the kid had no idea how to handle himself in a fight. Unk, as Zymac, swiftly shattered the poor kid’s dead father’s sword, and chuckled, “I guess you won’t be going to Shadowmeade after all, eh?” as a shard of the sword spun into the crowd. The man was very badly hurt, but Lucien was able to quickly bandage the wounded man.

The group spent the rest of their morning in R&D of a BoHWLoco (Bag of Holding Wind Locomotive) and finally created a working prototype. The basic premise of the machine’s propulsion was to run about with a bag of holding gathering an amount of wind into the bag. The bag would then be secured to a light wagon, and as the wind was released, the wagon would be propelled forward. To maintain speed, several bags were placed on the front to gather wind. As the driving bag exhausted its supply, it would be exchanged with a freshly charged bag from the front of the wagon. The rear bags are placed inside boxes on turntables to allow for directional controls. The driver controls the cart’s speed by willing the air out of the bag of holding at an appropriate rate.

With the cart working functioning properly, the group decided to search for the dragon’s lair. However, after many failed attempts at making a path through the ice and extinguishing the forest fire, they gave up and decided to travel to Shadowmeade.
With evening approaching, Sindri took the first shift at the wheel, and began moving at a lightning fast pace — for a gnome. He was enjoying the breeze on his face and watching the trees whip past while the other two manned the intake bags. Unk began grumbling about grandpa’s slow pace, and Sindri responded that he had invested a lot into this cart and wanted it to be treated well.

Night came soon, and Sindri was having difficulty seeing so he made himself a bed in the center of the cart. Unk grinned widely as he eagerly took his turn at the reigns. He put both hands on the BoH drives and the cart jumped off at a rather fast clip. As he gained confidence in his maneuvering abilities, he bumped the speed up a little more, and the cart seemed to be floating from bump to bump rather than rolling on the ground. Sindri was frequently woken up by a hard bump knocking him from his bed. He would yell at Unk and go back to sleep, but it made no difference.

After Unk finishes his shift, the group stops and inspects the cart for damage, and finds that Unk’s joyriding has cracked the rear axle. With a bit of teamwork, the group was able to replace the axle and continue on their way with Lucien at the helm, pushing the cart at a more reasonable pace. Unk took a nap and Sindri took over the brakes.

The group was happily traveling along when they came around a blind curve to be confronted by a group of unsavory individuals who had blockaded the road. The cart came to a screeching halt just before reaching the vagabonds’ caltrops. Some heated words were exchanged, but Lucien finally concluded that these were some interesting individuals that we should get to know better.
While the arguing ensued, Unk morphed into an attractive female human and jumped up behind Sindri wearing nothing but a slinky nighty. Having not seen an attractive woman in months, the pirates began drooling all over themselves. Sindri, always slow to recognize Unk, believed the woman was a pirate intruder, and he told the harlot to get out of his cart and tell him what she’d done with Unk! After some discussion, the pirates agreed to allow the travelers to pass if they could keep the wench. Sindri gladly agreed and kept moving though he was still very concerned about Unk’s whereabouts.

Unk stayed behind with the pirates while the other two continued around a corner and waited. A battle soon ensued and the true nature of the pirates was revealed they were VAMPIRATES! The captain managed to dominate Unk for the majority of the battle but was never able to force him to do more than walk around. The battle ended with Lucien firing a final arrow into the captain.



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