Fall of Vrazuk

Grash'Nok's Castle

After looting the armory, the group waited momentarily at the armory’s exit for the guards to pass, but Sindri became impatient and attacked the guards as they passed the armory. The rest of the group joined in the fight, and they made quick work of the five guards and lieutenant.
Lucien went straight-away to the apothecary to stock up on goods while Unk and Sindri proceeded into the castle.

The group entered the castle unhindered, took the door beside the throne, went upstairs, and found a waiting room. In the waiting room was a painting with peep holes for spying on those in the waiting room. The group teleported into the secret passageway behind the painting, and resumed exploring the castle. They found four guards were waiting for them in the next room. Sindri attack and killed three from behind the wall while the others made quick work of the last.



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