Fall of Vrazuk


While traveling on the group encountered a smelly scraggly man who collapsed in the middle of the road. Sindri quickly stopped the cart, and Unk tumbled towards the front of the cart, knocking his head on the front of the cart. He complained about being woken up just as his dream was starting to get really good. Sindri and Lucien went to check on the old man. They found him breathing, but barely conscious. They gave the man some water and a bite to eat. When they asked where he was headed, he replied, “I am just a simple wanderer. I travel here and there depending on the good will of strangers to survive.” Lucien laughed.

As the conversation continued, the man began asking about what they knew about the origins of the universe. They said they had heard of the All Mother but little more. He told them that in the beginning the Planar Chaos was inhabited by three powerful beings. The All Mother, named Muloa, was a great dragon who created and ruled the world we live in now. Another great dragon, Dunicr, was good and ruled the Astral plane. There was also an evil dragon, Evuxek, who ruled the abyss. He said these travelers were the first to hear these names in eons, and he foretold of a great nexus in their future that would result in a great war. His final words were, “The fate of the world will rest in your hands”, before he disappeared into thin air.

The remainder the trip was relatively quiet as the adventurer’s pondered the news that they had just heard. During Unk’s shift, the group arrived at the town. Shadowmeade turned out to be the bustling metropolis they expected with busy streets filled with merchants hawking their wares and stores of all kinds. The city was built into a mountain side and divided into a three tiers with a few small camps comprised of riff-raff and thieves outside the town.

The population of the first tier, Pariah, was primarily peasantry. It was the area to visit for cheap inns, women, beer, and the black market. Pariah also had by far the highest crime rate. The next tier, Vaishya, was primarily skilled workers and merchants. It was much cleaner than Pariah, and had considerably higher end stores with armor, weapons, and the like. The highest tier, Brahm, was home to the aristocracy. There, a wealthy traveler could stay in a fine hotel, purchase amazing jewelry, or a clean woman.

After asking around, the group continued on their way to Brahm to put their names on the tournament’s roster. With a bit of careful persuasion, the group was able to find their names already on the roster and that the tournament would be held in three days. At that time all the details would be revealed, but currently no one knew much about the nature of the tournament. With a bit more persuasion, the adventurers were able to extract the location of Grash’Nok’s castle.

Sindri sent Tilia inside Grash’Nok’s castle to scout for guards and other interesting information. Grash’Nok’s castle is built entirely of black stone with red draperies covered in evil symbols. The courtyard contained a blacksmith, armory, and various stores required to sustain a siege. The entrance to the foyer was followed by a long hallway. At the end of the hallway was a large extravagant throne room, with red tapestries adorning the dark walls. The throne was made of a charred wood set into a dark nebulous stoneworkish seatery. Guards are posted all along the entrance to the castle.

Unk distracted the guards while Sindri teleported into the castle and raised the gate enough for the others to enter. The group then snuck into and looted the armory.



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