Fall of Vrazuk

We own the night

Unk, as Barglurg, visited a local taylor to purchase some assorted clothing. Some if it was fairly common, some formal, but by far the most curious purchase was some dresses and night-time-fun clothes for his “lady.” He also managed to secure quite a deal on the purchase by using his Vrazuk influence.

Meanwhile, Lucien visited the local Vrazuk HQ, to meet with Barglurg’s second in command. After they discussed how incompetent Barglurg is and his strange behavior as of late, they struck a deal that Lucien would aid him in taking out Barglurg as part of the chosen one’s task of removing the weakest syndicate members.

Later that night, Sindri returned from looting the local jewelery store to collect the reward from the jeweler’s competitor. The store keeper was initially unimpressed at the bag of holding that Sindri carried in, but his eyes grew wide and his jaw dropped as the bag’s contents covered the countertop and spilled into the floor. After some discussion over the payment, the shopkeeper said he could only pay Sindri a mere 250,000gp today, but they could meet in the morning to pay the rest. Sindri left the store, smiling from ear to ear due to the ridiculous amount of money he was carrying, and the good deed he believed he had accomplished in shutting down the corrupt jewelry store.

As Sindri was looking for a nice bar in which to celebrate his fortune, he encountered Lucien on his way from Vrazuk HQ. The two excitedly exchanged stories of their recent adventures and how the town is terribly afraid of them. The two continue walking and exchanging stories when they bump into Unk, in Barglurg form. Although Lucien immediately recognizes him, Sindri is terribly afraid of the syndicate thug until Lucien fills him in.

The group ducked into a dark alley to begin making their final plans before leaving the town when they heard a jingling, rustling sound followed by some grunting. Lucien and Sindri went to investigate and found the shopkeeper trying to leave town with his inventory as well as the huge haul that Sindri had just brought him. Sindri was perturbed to see his cohort but assumed he must have a valid explanation. Lucien quickly recognized that the man was trying to skip town with all of the loot. He pulled out his bow and trained it at the shopkeeper’s head. The two had a heated discussion about what should be done with the remaining jewelry and Lucien eventually convinced the shopkeeper that it would be in his best interest to return to the store and leave the goods to Lucien.

Lucien and Unk discussed Lucien’s deal with the second in command, and the two worked out a plan to lure him in and assassinate him. Lucien gave the call sign that was intended to alert the second lieutenant as to when he should attack Barglurg, and he quickly rushed to the scene and confronted Barglurg. While the two were arguing over who deserved to run the syndicate, Lucien used twin strike to quickly drop the second lieutenant.

Barglurg toted the thug’s corpse back to Vrazuk HQ, and used it to convince them that they were under attack from the Summerbridge branch. He then gave them orders to gear up and head toward Summerbridge. The group met up afterward and had a good laugh at the syndicate’s expense before they turned in for the night.

When they tried to leave the next day, they found that the Unk’s forest fire finally reached the town. While attempting to fight the fire, they heard some townsfolk battling on the opposite side of town. When they reached the fight, they realized it was a group of kobolds attacking the town. They quickly killed them, but noticed two more groups quickly approaching.



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