Huge prideful dragonborn fighter with a strong sense of right and wrong.


Gharash is large 34 year old rust red dragonborn with gold eyes and is 6’7" tall. After years of training and spending time as a mercenary, he has become very built and weighs in at 320 pounds. After getting past the enormous size of the fighter, the first thing people notice about him is a prominent scar over his left eye. The massive scar has caused the nearby scales to be smaller and discolored, leaving them a much lighter orange-red color. The scar over his eye, although the most noticible, is accompanied by a countless number of smaller scars from previous battles and struggles.

Gharash hatched from a small clan of dragonkin. As a hatchling, it was hoped by his clan that he would one day become a paladin of the highest order. As the years progressed, it became very obvious that this was not the path he was to follow. Even at an early age, Gharash excelled in his physical training, being able to easily take on those several years ahead of him. Unfortunately, his studies in the mystic arts were not as fruitful. Try as he might, he was unable to master even the basics. At age 12, he finally gave up any attempts at becoming a paladin and focused on physical training and set off on becoming the best fighter he could be. This decision caused much tension between him and his clan, and feeling their disappointment Gharash set off on his own.

With very few resources, he quickly started taking up small jobs, travelling the world and honing his skills. As the years passed, his skills increased as did the difficulty of the jobs he was able to complete. He became a mercenary, specializing in protecting and escorting those in need. Although he became a fighter for hire, he always stuck to his child-hood teachings and would turn down any job that he did not feel was honorable or just.

One day, Gharash was visiting the bustling city of New Haven for the first time to look for work when he encountered a small group that requested his help. The group consisted of a male half-orc, a male human, and a female eladrin. They said they were being hunted by the syndicate, which had control over the mayor and all local law enforcement. They claimed to have proof of the connection and needed to be escorted to the next town for assistance. After hearing their story, Gharash agreed to help them escape the clutches of the seemingly corrupt city. Unfortunately for all involved, stealth was never Gharash’s strong point. Upon attempting to sneak out of the city, they were spotted and pursued by the local enforcers. Assuming that the pursuing forces were in league with the Syndicate, Gharash killed several of the city’s forces in order to ensure the safety of his group. After much difficulty and bloodshed, the group finally were in the clear.

Once they were no longer being pursued, the half-orc named Grash-Nok led them to a nearby cave to recover from their flight. Upon entering the cave, Gharash was immediately ambushed as a large group rushed at him, knocking him unconscious in the process. When he awoke he was barely alive and chained up to a giant stalagmite. Grash-Nok approached him, smirking with glee and thanked him for the assistance in escaping the city. He informed him that he and his group were members of the syndicate, and had been trapped by the city’s paladins. As a reward for helping them escape, Grash-Nok took out his blade and slashed at Gharosh’s left eye. Thanks to his hardened scales, the eye itself was not damaged, the the cut itself left a permenant mark. As the Syndicate was leaving the cave, Grash-Nok mentioned that he had notified the city of New Haven of their location. He also said that he would leave Gharash alive so that he can face shame of the the charges made against him for killing so many of the city’s finished and most honorable forces in order to help the Syndicate. Gharosh, being enraged by the betrayl and his upcoming dishonor, summoned all his strength and broke free, breaking the stalagmite he was bound against in half. Once free, he frantically looked for Grash-Nok or any remaining members of the syndicate, only to find no trace of them. He knew from that point on, his destiny was to fight against destroy the Syndicate until his dying breath.


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